Fitrah Sips is an Ofsted-registered school, click here to see our registration details.

Important facts:

  • We opened in August 2010.
  • We are a school recognised by the Department of Education. Key differences between us and local schools:
  1. As a private independent school, we do not get any funding from the council or from the government whatsoever. Therefore, parents must pay to join our school.
  2. Our funding is a fraction of the funding that other government-funded schools receive.
  3. We are a charity, i.e. we are not made for profit. We rely on fees and donations to cover our expenses.
  4. We are a designated faith school (Islamic School), i.e. just like other faith schools, we have Islamic ethos.

We get inspected regularly, just like any other British school in the UK.

Find below our Ofsted inspection reports, from opening to 2022:

  • 2021 ( the most recent report, published 7 Feb. 2022)
  • 2019
  • 2017
  • 2014
  • 2011
  • Opening inspection early 2010